IBNS Inc. Concentrates on Low Voltage in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Areas

There is no pattern answer to every location so we work with you on your area to meet your needs and we won't stop until we are successful

IBNS Inc. provides upgrades to high and low voltage electrical systems, including coaxial cabling systems and data infrastructures.


IBNS Inc. installs low voltage systems, such as CATV and Data systems, and high voltage systems for Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial structures.

IBNS Inc. utilizes the most advanced equipment and highly trained personnel to collect, process and deliver accurate pole line data.

IBNS Inc. performs Fiber Optic Installation for both Single and Multi-Mode Fiber.

Cell Site Upgrades

IBNS Inc. provides upgrades to Cell Sites.


IBNS Inc. works to meet your needs through high quality, friendly service